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Mohamed El kashash

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Stories From Syria
Feb 9, 2016

Due to the rise of a critically urgent issue concerning refugees in the Arab world, communities needs to come together to address the humanitarian crisis. As a way of showing support and encouraging solidarity we invite you to share your stories from Syria through creative artwork (Images or videos).

These visual representations will not only be an opportunity to share stories with thousands of people around the world, but will also help inspire action from individuals, organizations, and policy-makers.

To participate in Stories from Syria we encourage you to create art pieces on the following themes:

1-Images that reflect the current circumstances and crises that Syrian people and/or refugees are facing wherever they are.

2- Images that reflect your memories of Syria and feelings towards this beautiful country. What does it remind you of? (the places you visited, the people, the food, special events, etc.)

Our aim is to increase the awareness of the refugee crisis in the international community as well as document the beautiful memories that we would like to share and remember together.

Our plan is to curate an online collection that will be showcased at different events and exhibitions. With that in mind, please include a text description of up to 500 words with the image or video that you submit.

This artistic collaboration is part of the Touq Al Yasmin initiative that launched in 2016 with the support of TakingITGlobal and aims at raising global awareness of the current situation of Syrian refugees around the world as well as organizing different activities to support refugees.

Deadline for submittions is March 10, 2016


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