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The Foundation of Drumming
Jan 20, 2016

I have to do some explaining in relation to this article,...A few years ago, ( around 2005), when I did this article, there were not article in relation to drumming with the word ‘Foundation’, not, The word, ( Psycho motor - Connection, or the word, ( Ergonomics. But around two years after that, a lot people created drumming -articles with the buzz-word, and people told me that they could n’t find my article, and I have myself hard time finding the article,(The Foundation of Drumming)... Now again the article disappear from the internet. The second part was removed from the internet, so I added here, and the name, Zaragemca, to stop the confusion in relation to it. The second part is incorporated, as,(Four key elements for the Mastering of the Afro Cuban Percussion)....Now…The Foundation of Drumming, is based in the establishment and reinforcing of the coordination between the brain-modules,(right and left) and the limbs,(arms, feet, etc.). A psycho-motor-skill connection which must be generated with the proper exercise, a good feedback, a system to relax and use of all joints,(shoulders, elbows, waist, wrist, fingers, heels, etc)..If the system is set up properly, at one point it will provide the proper reflex and the condition for faster developments with less efforts…. The four key elements for the mastering of the Afrocuban Percussion are)...1.-Anthropology….2.- Ergonomics….3.-Psycho motor-Connection and… 4.-Technical skills of the articulation….Now 1.-Anthropology,(applied to the Afro Cuban Percussion), is the study of the original roots brought to Cuba from Africa and the interaction among them,(this study would give a deep understanding of the foundation and evolution of the Afro Cuban Percutive Articulations, which have been developed and used in Cuba).....2.-Ergonomics…are studies to obtain the knowledge which would be applied to the body-configuration,(bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc), to explore the best positioning of the body parts and motions for the interaction with exterior subjects,(also related to the designing of tools, machines,etc.), in this case the positioning of the instruments parts)....This could be applied for better use of the flow of energies, the friction of the body parts and optimization of accuracy and relaxation….3.-The Psychomotor-Conection, study, would give the knowledge of how the brain assimilate the information, the capacity of reproducing the details of that information with any given level of accuracy and the transmission of the flow of energies from the brain to the body parts in charge of performing the function,(understanding this subject, would give the skills to teach people with different levels of assimilation and coordination and accuracy…..4.-The Technical skills of the articulation, would be related to the experience and knowledge of the subject,(in this case the Afro Cuban Percussion, Drum Set, etc). . Gerry Zaragemca

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Mar 2, 2016

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