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Sahro Ahmed Koshin

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If I Were A President In Somalia, I Would Do The Following For Peace- Part 1
Jul 28, 2015

1. Learning from the long 25 years of war and civil unrest, I would help build communities based on honesty, respect and compassion.
2. I would appoint a Minister for Peace.
3. I would teach my people that conflict is necessary in life and that it doesn’t always have to be negative and disastrous and that we have to face conflict creatively not violently.
4. I would educate my people and make them understand, through examples that speak a visual language, that nowhere in the world is conflict absent. And that it is not the lack of conflict which measures peace, but the ability to resolve conflict non-violently.
5. I would build on the ability of my people to resolve conflict non-violently through training in peace building, non-violence and conflict transformation. I would design the training tools myself and do it in such a way that even the most illiterate would follow and understand.
6. I would achieve this by making lessons in peace building skills, nonviolence and conflict transformation compulsory in the national curriculum from kindergarten to tertiary education.
7. I would remind my people that as Somalis we are good in the use of poetry and humor and to use these to our benefit for peace.
8. I would lead by example. I would encourage my people to read and write. To express themselves through the power of the written word and through expressive art.
9. I would elaborate that just as conflict cannot be resolved with violence, peace cannot be kept by force and that an eye for an eye doesn’t always make one a winner. It would leave many blind and impaired.
10. I would encourage (academic) research in peace and conflict in Somalia. What is working for us peacefully? I would reward the most innovative research programs.
11. I would create a National Love and Forgiveness Day to encourage my people to annually commemorate peace in the Somali way.
12. I would appoint Peace Ambassadors and have monthly meetings with local communities about how we can increase the peace together. I would call them Community Peace Dialogues. I would burn all fire arms – small and big.
13. I would create National Peace Awards to honor and reward the best Somali Peace builder/journalist.
14. I would appoint a Minister for Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation
15. I would discourage tribalism and encourage brotherhood. I would emphasize on our commonalities. I would re-introduce Somali concepts such as walaaltinimo. Somaalinimo. Gobannimo. Waddaninimo. Kalgacal. Kal iyo laab. Jaceyl.

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Mar 4, 2016


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