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Ha Thi Lan Anh

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I Connect Highlights Site on ICT
Mar 2, 2002

I Connect Highlights

Dear subscriber,

Below are stories highlighted on iConnect including News from IICD and
on the ICT Stories project (http://www.iconnect-online.org). You can
read each article by following the highlighted urls associated with each
story :

>> Global Teenager coordinators share experiences with ICTs in schools
- 21 February 2002

New insights and skills, fierce discussions and positive cross-cultural
exchanges. These words best describe the experiences of the
participants, trainers and organisers of the third Johan Kooij Fellowship meeting.

Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=784& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Panos reports cover local issues <<
- Focusing on local policy issues, Panos Reports foster informed
debate on complex or underreported global topics, presenting perspectives
from the South.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=782& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Promoting community radio content in Africa <<
- AMARC Africa's Michelle Ntab and Tshepo Rantho argue that we cannot
engage with the concept of local content unless we fully understand how
it fits within the global media system in particular and in the process
of globalisation in general.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=783& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> InterWorld Radio serves local communities <<
- Launched by Panos and OneWorld in 2001, InterWorold Radio offers
daily text news and broadcast-quality audio features for local radio
station to download and rebroadcast.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=781& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> CTO activities for BDO in full swing <<
- The CTO's work on capacity-building in policymaking and regulation
for ICTs through the BDO Programme successfully commenced with the
running of four workshops in November 2001.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=778& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Gemini news features local content <<
- Taken over by Panos in 1999 and relaunched with a new look in April
2001, Gemini News Service is a 35 year old news features service
delivering quality articles on issues facing developing countries.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=780& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Panos supports local content <<
- Local content is essential for Panos as it aims to help ensure that
development agendas, both national and international, are shaped and
driven from within developing countries through informed public debate
that brings in the perspectives of the poor and marginalised.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=779& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Swedish SIDA assesses ICT situation in Tanzania <<
- A recent report for the Swedish International Development Agency
brings together information on ICT connectivity, policy regulation, and
human resources, and outlines opportunities for development assistance.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=777& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> OneWorld to launch new ICTs portal <<
- OneWorld and the Benton Foundation will launch a Digital Opportunity
Channel focusing on the
use of ICTs for global sustainable development.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=776& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Clockwork shares e-governance best practices <<
- 1 February 2002

At a recent Caribbean Ministerial Consultation on E-government, IICD
partner Clockwork explains what makes e-governance 'tick.'

Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=775& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> AGRINET - Spreading agricultural information in Ghana <<
- IICD partner, Eddie Addo-Dankwa, describes a government led,
agricultural, knowledge-sharing network in Ghana.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=774& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> E-Government in Africa <<
- In a Balancing Act special, Richard Heeks, Edward Addo-Dankwa, and
Kate Oakley examine what e-government is doing for Africa.

Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=773& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> IICD/Clockwork alliance optimises e-governance activities <<
- 2 February, 2002

Clockwork and IICD are now strategic partners, working together to meet
the needs of developing country partners in their e-governance
activities. During the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two
organisations, the strategic enabling partnership was officially

Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=768& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Up in the air - The state of broadcasting in eastern Africa <<
- Despite rapid and accelerating chnge in broadcasting in eastern
Africa, there has been little reflection on and analysis of regional
trends. This Panos site assesses broadcasting in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia,
Tanzania and Uganda.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=772& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> InterWorld Radio <<
- A partnership between the Panos Institute and OneWorld, InterWorld
Radio provides daily news bulletins and broadcast quality features for
radio stations and online listeners.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=769& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Mountain voices online <<
- Gathered by the Oral Testimony Programme of the Panos Institute,
this website offers mountain communities a chance to speak out - through
an online archive of in-depth interviews communicating the views and
experiences of people living in mountain communities around the world.
Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=770& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

>> Globalisation and poverty debated online <<
- Panos reports on an online debate about globalisation and poverty
held in May 2000. Highlights the discussion of the impact of
globalisation of trade and communications on poverty and development - from
theoretical perspectives and from personal experience.

Read more :
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=771& ;subcat=107&back=ic_highlights

I Connect is a product of the 'Building Digital Opportunities'
Programme funded by DFID and DGIS.

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email. Simply compose an email to www4mail@web.bellanet.org. Enter
nothing in the
subject line. Type the full url of the article that you want to read,
precededed by the word 'get' ie get
http://www.iconnect-online.org/base/show_template_art?template=1&article_id=472& ;subcat=107
and send it.

If you have any comments on this digest, please contact:

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