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Rejected Art!
May 6, 2015

I am not attaching or defaming any person or group or company. But merely stating a fact! Only, because I feel that the facts, the truth should be heard.

I have volunteered many hours and many years with a well known Agency! Whose name will be withheld for obvious reasons during local disasters in my home country and local community? I also volunteered about 15 yrs with several different church groups in my local community.

Ever watch the TV news and saw a disaster which was not near your community and wonder how you could help?

I saw the mid-west disasters with the tornadoes, thought that perhaps I could help by creating art work putting it on a post card and selling them with the profits going to
Help the families affected by the tornadoes! At the same time this agency was announcing that their funding was drying up?

So, I thought that I could have the funds go to this Agency! Right! Wrong, they rejected my art and my fund raising idea. The clearly stated, that they chose not to adopt my idea and said, I cannot “Use their name for raising funds.” Since then I struggle to understand why?
Did they
“Just not like my art work?”
or perhaps my fundraiser was “not big enough?”
or they can “not monitor my fundraiser because of lack of staffing?”

I was searching for the answer to why my idea was rejected when I still see people, family in need?

So, I did not continue my fund raising idea. Instead, posted my art work online and got a lot of critic’s opinion on my art.

Warning! Warning! Warning! Some of the comments were not very nice almost could be considered belligerent.
You can view them on Craig’s List under “Artist community tab” search using “Called the worse Art Work” you can judge for your self and comment on the art work or not.

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