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Nick Moraitis

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Development/Youth Markup Language
Mar 1, 2002

Just came across International Development Markup Language (or IDML).

"XML is a new markup standard for networked documents, a set of custom tags similar to those used in HTML. While implementation of the new "meta-language" is in full swing by software developers, there is currently a window of opportunity for various professional groups (medical practitioners, chemists, engineers, etc.) to use XML to define their own sector-specific markup languages. The IDML Initiative was formed to discuss the possibility of a International Development Markup Language, or IDML, for the international development community. IDML would become a data exchange standard for information that is specific to international development, making it much easier to share information with regional offices, partner agencies and with the public. It will also be easier to find and manage information about who is doing what, and where.
This is a global standards-setting activity which will have radical implications for development planning over the next 10-20 years. We urge all sectors of the development community to participate. Whether you belong to a multilateral, private sector, charitable, academic, or non-governmental organization, add your voice to this collaborative effort. "


This sounds like just the kind of technology youth need to play a more active role in both developing and utilizing. Sounds like an important thing for TIG to get involved in too.

Why is knowledge sharing so important to development issues?
Is IDML just a way for nerds to feel like they are making a difference, or is it a critical new tool to help coordination, and other things?

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Terri Willard

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IDML Progress
Mar 1, 2002

The IDML list has been a bit quiet lately. But, the group has developed a pretty solid DTD (data type definition) for markingup project descriptions. This was done in collaboration with the people building the Development Gateway. Together they implemented AIDA - Accessible Information on Development Activities (http://www.developmentgateway.org/node/100647/). This is an IDML tool that allows users to search through the development activities of many different donor agencies. The data is maintained on the different servers of the various agencies, but can be easily swept up and integrated through IDML.

There are 2 more big DTD projects just crying out for soemone to tackle - one for events data and one for expert bios/data. The former is probably easier and would possibly benefit TIG enormously. Call me crazy, but I get tired of copying and pasting conference announcements into databases all over the Web.

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