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wycliffe koskey

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what is the best solution to fighting terrorism to achieve peace and stability..what is your opinion?
May 8, 2014

In the past one year terrorist attacks has been a big challenge to the African states it has had multiple effects to economy and social life of the people
Lately,There have been a number of bomb attacks in Kenyan soil,last year the Al shabaab terror group attacked a mall shooting at innocent civilians ruthlessly.In the past week the Boko Haram in Nigeria attacked a school in Northern Nigeria and kidnapped more than 300 kids aged between 12-15.the search for the kids is still on...the attacks are more..
This raises questions as to the reason behind the immense killing and the inhumane kidnapping.what is the ideology behind this attacks? what are the evils founded on? is it religious,is it revenge attacks,or is it merely conflict?
The attacks has had great impact to the tourism for fear of insecurity,Investors have shy ed away from investing to particularly East and central Africa.
I write this with pain of the many innocent lives lost the immence negative impact it has had on the economy.Could we change this state of affairs? How do we deal with this terrorist groups? what is your opinion...

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