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Cheyney Group Marketing│Cloud Accounting Technology Expo Launches for Xero Users
May 8, 2014

One of Australia’s leading cloud software integrators launched an online expo today to introduce a selection of cloud programs that connect with cloud accounting software.

Jeri Murphy, publisher of cloud integrator website JeriMurphy.com, has recorded hour-long interviews with the companies behind 30 programs which integrate with cloud accounting program Xero. Murphy was releasing the interviews daily throughout May and tickets to the expo cost $59 for all 30 interviews.

“These are not paid advertorials,” Murphy said. “I’ll be asking the tough questions.”

Article Source

Apps included sales management (Capsule CRM), inventory (Unleashed, DearInventory, QuoteStockSell), workforce management (GeoOp, Connect2Field, SimPro), financial analysis (Fathom, Float, ProfitSee) and property management (Re-Leased, RentalSaaS).

Questions covered in the expo included which industry an app was best suited, how it differed from rival add-on programs, what type of data the program shared with Xero and the details of a partner program, if one existed.

The interview also included a comprehensive demonstration of the program.

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