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Wangchuk Chungyalpa

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Basic Individual Rights - What We Prize!
May 7, 2014

I surf the net often – in fact everyday. I do a lot of searches – mostly work related, although some personal. I wonder how secure are my surfings. I talk of this because I believe these are very very important issues of our time. We are under the impression that what we do are private and confidential. That is our basic right. When we come across information that our rights have been violated and worse trumped up like a great cause by some - we get mad, angry, demand action, and then more or less forget about it. But individuals like Edward Snowden are truly brave. There can be arguments on and on of whether what he did is smart, patriotic, sensible? I mean – he surely realized the gravity of his actions and yet he did what he did because of his basic belief – that individual rights of all should not be violated …it must be protected. That is the crisis of our time. Too easily it seems we compromise on what is important and valuable. I mean what he did was truly, truly brave. Thank you sir….you are a life lesson for us all. You Cannot Keep A Good Man Down.
Today we live in the information era where everything goes viral in just a few clicks. I believe one of the outcomes of this is that we have become super cautious and have chosen to remain anonymous – safe is our cocoon but honestly, there are infinite number of issues facing our generation and it is time we spoke up on what is important, on what is relevant. It is too easy to sit back and let events override you. But NO – we must make our voice heard. We must take inspiration from individuals like Edward Snowden and try and be brave and honest to what is important and valuable. Consequences follow of course, but that is what being brave is – isn’t it?

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