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Mainne King

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Dyman and Associates Risk Managements Projects
May 6, 2014

Risk management is both a real growing business and life concern and a booming income potential for practitioners. Hence, whether we realize it or not, it is a crucial problem that must be tackled with the help of people who have spent years studying and practicing it. Here is a brief and helpful Q&A regarding Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects:

Q: Can you give a short background of what Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects is?

A: Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects is a minority-owned enterprise with both MBE & DBE certifications involved in risk management which is based in Boston. The company is engaged in the following specific areas of concern:

• Cyber Security
• Emergency Management
• Project Management
• Physical Security
Technology Governance

Q: What makes Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects a uniquely dynamic company?

A: Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects applies its decades-old proven expertise in cyber security to protect your employees, intellectual property, and other precious assets. Our consultants not only have extensive experience, they also commit to the regular honing of their skills and updating on present innovations in hacking techniques and security trends.

Q: What is the corporate culture of Dyman & Associates?

A: Very often, organizations merely survive from one crisis to another, without seeking help from others, and invariably make vital decisions within a vacuum. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects has the collective know-how to reduce your exposure to risk and help make your business become more resilient. Dyman and its consultants will work diligently for their clients’ welfare. It considers honesty, reliability, and excellent customer service as the foundation for durable relationships. Moreover, Dyman & Associates augments empathy, humility, and the promise to give back to the community. Hence, volunteerism is encouraged among its employees as a way of life.

Q: What specific services does Dyman & Associates offer?

A: Their services include the following:

• Cloud Security
• Mobile Security
• Computer Forensics
• Incident Response
• Penetration Testing
• Electronic Discovery

Q: Can you give us an overview of the company’s people?

A: Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects employs consultants who are PMP-qualified and are knowledgeable professionals that can provide expert and extensive technical and management assistance to companies and individuals. Our project managers can acquire sufficient understanding of the project coverage to ascertain that project target dates are achieved while involving the stakeholders in the decision-making dialogs.

If you believe Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects can help your organization, please get in touch with them now.

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