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Egypt's Judiciary trials
Jan 29, 2014

I wonder how and why the world is patient towards Egypt's courts where those under prosecuation are held in a cage looking space.

We witness Mr. Morsy (as I understand the only people elected President for Egypt) and his colleugues and some followers in a cage. I wish Mr. Morsy could persuade the courts to discontinue putting the accused individuals in a cage during his presidency but that did not happen.

Politicians and authorities are wise enough to recognise that their times of power are not eternal and will some day end. Mobarak experienced the same thing before Morsy. Do the current rulers of Egypt understand what a human feels in a cage before they themselves experience the same thing?

Is Egypt's judiciary system willing to change this kind of harsh treatment? Is the rest of the civilized world going to protest?

I wish to hear comments by tig members.

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Hadassah Louis

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Re: Egypt's Judiciary trials
Aug 2, 2014

It is indeed a wonder because so far I haven't heard anyone protest the putting of defendant in cages. It's absurd.

Worse than that is that of the trial of the Al Jareeza journalists who were arrested but not given a free & fair trial.

The media seems to be biased upon the news which they choose to report and thus the mass will only speak out on the news they here and do nothing on the news they don't here. It's a sad reality.

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