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Mike Bright

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Snap yourself in your pjs!
Jan 4, 2014

Microvolunteering can be described as 'easy, low or no commitment online and offline actions that benefit a worthy cause, where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of upto 30 minutes, either from a person's home, work or on the go'.

Help From Home, a directory of microvolunteering actions, uses the tagline, 'Change the world in just your pyjamas'!

Do you microvolunteer? Do you do it in your pyjamas? If you do, upload some pics of yourself with a sign stating, 'I change the world in just my pyjamas!'

Please upload to our Flickr account or Tweetpic with #PyjamaPower or alternatively send it to us via our Contact Us webpage and we'll upload them for you.

We want to show the world who is microvolunteering and therefore who is changing the world. Help us to spread awareness of the microvolunteering concept.

For more information on this project, please click the link below:

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