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Nicole Ferreira

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Dyman Management Inc. Big Rock Publishing - That Book About Management
Nov 30, 2013

Dyman Management & Associates Business Solutions

Go ahead we challenge you...spend a few hours reading Fred's book. You won't want to put it down 'till it's done. A pocket sized reader with a powerful punch; full of cartoons, great anecdotes and genuinely helpful information. Fred's humorous take on management is direct. His suggestions provide managers with real solutions and work throughs dealing with today's top management challenges.

Management - Lord of the Fries
No Secret Ingredient - The Colonel's Secret Recipe
Know and Understand your Role - Role Role Role your Boat
Be a Leader - Leader of the Pack
Acquire Management Qualities - Jerry M "Acquire"
Seek, Hire, Develop and De-Hire Properly - let me Take You Hire
Build Commitment - Commit, Committer, Committest
You Can't Treat Everyone Alike - I Think, therefore, I am
Be Willing to Confront - "Judo - Gentle way"
Understand The Numbers - 3.14159265
Just Some More Thoughts - Fred Bits

All Business Solutions, Seminars and Special Engagements are tailored to your company’s needs.

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