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Xavierr Pichette

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Country: Honduras
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The Roots: Dyman Management & Associates Business Solutions
Nov 25, 2013

Dyman Management Inc. was incorporated in 1998 with a purpose of helping managers manage more effectively. It has accomplished this by evaluating companies and assisting management to develop plans and strategies that work for you.

Dyman Management Inc. provides ongoing consulting and training to some clients while assisting others through special projects such as customer surveys, group training and one on one mentoring. Dyman has provided in house customized training as well public training sessions from coast to coast on variety of topics including all aspects of management, performance evaluations, communications, time management and financial and accounting.

Client list includes: Fuji Graphics Systems Canada, Skill path, Colour Innovations Inc., Teen Ranch Canada, The Coinomatic Group, Interstate Batteries, Target UnderGround, Enunciate Conferencing, Somerville Leasing and Car Rentals, General Printers, Xerox, R.J. Burnside, Quadratone Graphics, Imaging Excellence.

To see what Dyman Management Inc. can do for you, don’t hesitate to call, fax or email us.

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