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Xavierr Pichette

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Fred Dyke – President, Dyman Management Inc.
Nov 7, 2013

As president and owner of Dyman Management Inc. Fred provides training and consultation across Canada and the US in all areas of management. He uses the experience, knowledge and skills he has gained in management since the early seventies to assist owners, managers and employees to not only get better results, but also to make work a better place to be.

In his 14 years in finance and banking he was known as the “turnaround guy” who changed poor and mediocre results to profitable operations. In his 12 years in the printing industry he guided a small family owned business to being the largest of its kind in the country.

As student, competitor and instructor in the sport of Judo since 1968 he has attained the rank of 4th degree black belt, and has won over 40 titles in National and International competitions. In his consulting career since 1998 he has provided guidance and training to thousands of trainees, charities and companies in many different industries. He has and continues to serve of boards of associations and charities.

Fred and his wife Judee are the parents of seven. Fred is the author of “That Book About Management”

All Business Solutions, Seminars and Special Engagements are tailored to your company’s needs. Visit our website at http://www.dymanmgt.com/

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