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Raphael Quach

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Deep Blue Group Divers New Specials
Oct 20, 2013

For a limited time, sign up for an Advanced Open Water Class and receive 20% off a light package.

The AOW class consist of five dives, one of which is a night dive. If you have never dove at night it is simply incredible! One of the additional pieces of equipment you will need will be a primary and backup light.
By signing up this month you get to be part of an incredible class...and you also save some coin on your lights.
Spare Air Special
Looking for a great package deal? Check out our "Essential" package...everything you need to get you on the way to being a fully equipped diver,

The Essential Package
We still have a few of our slightly used suits for sale. If you are interested in any of those listed please come in and try one on.

1 Large CLX450 Like new (Black) Font Zip,Rock Boot, Extra Pocket, Retails for over $2600.00: $1500.00
1 XL 50/50 Like New (Aqua and Black) Front Zip Rock Boots Retails for $2500.00: $1500.00
1 XL TLS Back Zip Great Shape Black and Blue Retails for $1500.00 $750.00
Diver Concept
1 M, Z-Flex Front Zip Used less than 3 dives Like New Retails new for over 1700.00: $1200.00

The Nautilus Lifeline

The Nautilus Lifeline is a GPS radio for Divers... Never worry about your dive boat finding you again. The Nautilus Lifeline has full featured marine VHF radio and GPS with LCD display that shows GPS position, VHF channel in use and battery life. The Nautilus Lifeline features chat channel and non-emergency functions. With it's 8 mile range you can now dive with confidence that Nautilus Lifeline will get you out of any jam.

Distress Button:
Depress button for 3 seconds for DCS transmission of distress message. The Nautilus Lifeline will send GPS coordinates that will display on the other vessel's marine radios within 8 miles. Activate optional non-emergency group call with GPS coordinates and automatic channel switch for all Lifelines belonging to a specific dive boat or group.

Strobe Light:
We prefer to call this the diver position indicating light. Duel strobes will flash on the Nautilus Lifeline when in DISTRESS MODE which is especially useful after sunset.

The Nautilus Lifeline has the latest version Jupiter 3 GPS receiver displaying latitude and longitude on the LCD display.

Displays GPS position, signal lock, channel in use, battery remaining as well as volume, squelch, channel selection and GPS polling.

Boat Button:
Press this button to turn radio GPS on to Ch16, the universal hail and distress channel worldwide on EVERY marine radio. Use this button to select alternate channels 09, 14 or other pre-selected channels. The Nautilus Lifeline has imbedded software that prevents an inexperienced user from inadvertently locking the channel up.

Chat Button:
Pressing the Chat Button on the Nautilus Lifeline will turn the radio GPS on or switch to user selected marine VHF frequency. Use this button to change channels to any marine frequency. This is a fully functional marine VHF radio. Use both buttons together to adjust volume or squelch, select GPS polling or turn radio off.

The Nautilus Lifeline is waterproof to IP67 standards. Submersible to 3 feet (1 meter). The cap of your Lifeline can be opened on the surface (only) in any sea state allowing full use of all features.

USB Port:
Used for recharging the battery on the Nautilus Lifeline, downloading GPS log of dive sites onto Google map or interface for adjusting advanced settings.

1850 mAh lithium ion battery. The Nautilus Lifeline connects to any USB charger. 24 hours of battery life in DISTRESS mode.

For more details Please Visit Website at http://deepbluediversusa.com

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