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Unemployment Twist
Sep 27, 2013

Unemployment has become a global phenomenon and may continue with deeper consequences especially to the youths of today who are potential parents of the future. Striking statistics is continuously showing signs of no good turn ahead.

Practically, there could be a turning point, if in the case of Nigeria, there is appropriate harnessing of the vast resources we have got presently. If nothing is done to cater for sustainable employment and favourable economic conditions, considering Nigeria's current demography and the projected 200 million people in 2050; then the most populous African country would have faced undesired and dark days.

However, it is bent on the the leadership of this great country to start acting and think beyond the present. To cut unemployment, there must be stabilization of basic amenities -clean water, energy, functional healthcare and educational systems. I have witnessed various cottage industries started by individuals that have failed to survive; the failure basically linked to high operating cost caused by energy/power.

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