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Shivani Gore

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Is abortion actually a moral sin?
Aug 19, 2013

Hi everybody!. What are your takes on this very controversial topic? I personally believe that it depends on each and every situation, mostly I'm pro-abortion.

For ex. If the girl was raped, no matter her age, I believe she should have the 100% right to abort. As it's her womb, her life, her choice. It's said that if a woman gets pregnant too early ( teen years to early 20's), it intervenes with her education, career, social life & happiness. Facts & statistics show that teen pregnancy results about 97% of the time into poverty, it's also rather common sense.

If the woman is responsible and aborts at the earliest possible stages, which is 6 weeks maximum, before the fetus develops into anything resembling to a baby, when science itself doesn't classify it as "life", how is that classified as murder?

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Re: Is abortion actually a moral sin?
Sep 2, 2013

Dear Shivani,
This subject has some complexities. A combination of morals, feelings, rules and laws, customs and beliefs are involved. Rules and laws are mostly established on the basis of customs, beliefs and morals of particular societies. As I understand some societies agree with your solution. Of course all means shall be taken to prevent occurrence of rape and teen pregnancy.
Unfortunately some sectors of the modern age use money and power for expansion of teen sexual activities (resulting to pre mature pregnancy) which seems to be in contradiction with the values of civilized world.
Prostitution is freely advertised in the popular Media and since in the most parts of the world the legal age is about 18, they do their best to introduce young girls of 18 revealing that the girl has just turned to 18. When this is happening in the popular Media, what can be expected from underground and unlawful semi organized and organized prostitution activities?
There is a strong hypocrisy about girls and teen girls in the 3rd world and unfortunately in the modern super industrial and advanced post super industrial societies. Apparently, girls are supported by laws but vastly the same girls are persuaded for pre matural sex and some even taken to prostitution.
I do not wish that a raped girl thinks that life is over for her. It is not, and she shall definitely help herself to come over with it. But the courts that neglect the case as a strong crime and do not carry out the appropriate punishment to a crime close to murder, how would they consider abortion as murder? If abortion is accepted as murder, why not rape is accepted as murder?
Of course rape does not include girls only. How many young boys are raped by homosexual and bisexual men? Bringing humble and sorrows for the poor innocent boys and even turning these innocents to rapists.
As I see, the corrupt media, the neglectful courts, low morals and of course ignorance of nature and beliefs shall be changed positively for a better world to live for the young girls and boys.
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Re: Is abortion actually a moral sin?
Dec 30, 2013

Very controversial topic, i too believe that it is not at all a moral sin if any girl aborts her baby, incase if she becomes pregnant forcibly, rather she should be given all the option to fulfill her wish else any wrong decision can land her in deep pain & trouble for life.

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