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vagg dim

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Join a distrubuted computing project!
Aug 6, 2013

We all have the power to accelerate science's progression,via distributed computing projects.I hope we have the will too!
Since a month,ago we started a forum,to maximize our social interaction with persons,that love science,culture and social discussion...and live on this planet!The first project,which we decide to start,is "Choosing a project that worths,our laptop's/desktop's and ps3's to get heated!!"
Help us choose a cause worth supporting(well that's just mean!Find a cause that is more interesting than others,and let the major opinion decide the one we gonna support!)
You can find a relevant announcement on
http://rotcrus.freeforums.org/let-s-join-a-distributed-computing-project-t20.html (includes list of projects).
Every question,is more than welcomed,and it will be answered instantly(almost,we have to sleep from day to day!)big grin

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