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Redd Howard

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Population Growth: Malthus Rolls Over
Jul 10, 2013

Last week, Oxford Computer Science Professor Steven Emmott published an excerpt of his book, Ten Billion, in The Guardian. The tone of his excerpt breaks all of the rules about communication on environmental issues. It uniformly grim and offers no solutions—verboten on two counts if you actually want people to listen, hear the message, and take action. However, the article, and presumably the book, deals head on with the foundation of environmental destruction—population growth—from which so many environmental groups and writers shy away. The article correctly points out that the constraints are not just climate, but water, waste, and concentrated populations combined with contaminated environments that lead to elevated risks of disease.

The Green Revolution caused the Malthusian crisis to go out of fashion. But Malthus was not wrong, but rather too narrow in his analysis; he identified food as a single, inflexible constraint. He didn’t allow for the expanding effects of technology and didn’t consider the ecosystem’s other limits. He should have identified multiple constraint that represent the ecosystem as a whole.

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Re: Population Growth: Malthus Rolls Over
Feb 28, 2014

Yes, environment is indeed a fact to be considered. But nowadays it is possible to measure the environmental footprints. Taking that into accounts and keeping it on the lowest possible figures, it will be possible to continue the existence of humans of all races, colors,origins, nationalities and continents. It will also be possible to keep all other creatures that share the plant with us humans.
Low foot-printed humans can have a wonderful planet.
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