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How do young people contribute to the economic development of their countries?
Jul 1, 2013

The task of nation building,without doubt,is regarded as a task for every body.Shared opinions of great thinkers over the years and from all parts of the world reflect a common idea, that nations are meaningfully and rapidly developed when all members of a nation are ignited and take active roles for the purpose of building an economically viable,politically stable,culturally commendable and religiously balanced state.

Unfortunately however, there appears to be a misguided conception of nation building by very many people to the effect that the entire task of national transformation is ignorantly left to the government of the country which is more often than not believed to be the body solely saddled with the responsiblity of providing for all the needs of the nation.

Truth be told, it is an absolutely farcical and utterly grotesque opinion that the government all alone, are to take upon themselves the task of building the nation.Although it is not denied that the bulk of the responsibility lies in the government,yet, it is the truth that government alone can not provide answers to all the questions of the society.Hence, nation buiding is rather a matter of division of labour, where everybody is required as a matter of duty and necessity , to find their roles in the enormous task of nation building and be responsible in that regard.

Against this background, much concern has been generated over time, about the indispensable roles that young people can play in the building of nations,most especially in the light of economic development.

What therefore,do you believe are the roles of young people in the economic transformation or development of their countries?

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