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K S Venkataraman

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Save Unity and Democracy in India
Jul 1, 2013

The ‘Federal Front’ being proposed by some of the regional ‘parties’ is nothing but an attempt to eliminate the last vestiges of nationalism from the body politic in India.

Having grown like parasites at the cost of myopic ‘national parties’ in India, and after strengthening their bases in their states, now the parochial regional parties want to eliminate the last vestiges of unity and nationalism by forming a ‘Federal Front’!

The post-independence politicians have deliberately divided Indian citizens. In the name of federalism now they have taken up a dangerous plan of making regionalism dominant in the minds of the people and perpetuating the divisions already established in the name of religion, caste, language etc.

It has already become very late. The so-called national parties have foolishly sold themselves and the rich patriotic traditions inherited by them out, in their attempt to somehow safeguard their hold in the central government; and at present they are at the mercy of regional pressure group leaders. There is not a single national level leader who is affectionately remembered by the people everywhere in the country! There is not a single national party which can boldly declare that they would form Indian government on their own!

Bharat is getting fragmented. For example, a US citizen would say, “I am an American. I live in Texas State.” In Tamil Nadu most of the people have been brainwashed to say, “I am a Tamilian first; then only I am an Indian.” It is not much different in any other state.

The apathy and lethargy of the people have allowed many suicidal institutions to come into being, grow and flourish. For example, all the so-called regional parties are unconstitutional. How can a person belonging to a regional organization, which does not relate itself positively with all the Indian citizens (of all states) can be given a portfolio in central government and asked to take care of all Indians? All these regional parties can be considered only ‘pressure groups’ and not political parties. But they are threatening to become fait accompli unless we act quickly and the judiciary boldly interferes.

Simply because the national parties in India lost their direct contact with the people of India due to their wrong policies and selfish objectives, they allowed the regional parties to emerge. Now, the national parties have actually lost their ‘national’ tags and have been reduced to the position of pathetic dependents on the regional pressure groups!

In these modern days where is the need for smaller states if there is a real national feeling among the people? While the world is becoming a global village, India is returning to the good old days of hundreds of petty rajas!

The next year general elections would perhaps be the last chance for the Indian citizens to save the country from the parochial, corrupt and criminal politicians; and make good governance a reality in our motherland.

Let us save the Unity and Democracy in India. Jai Hind.

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Re: Save Unity and Democracy in India
Jul 7, 2013

friend your views of nationality is very fine. you really have good sense. yes every citizen first has to say we then me or the tribe or caste he/she is. keep up your charm friend.

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