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muma bernard

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Developement Film STREET CHILD .Funding support.
Jun 20, 2013

• LA LIBERTE ARTS GROUP a Common Initiative Group in Cameroon made of young, talented and vibrant youths who use arts- poems, music, radio dramas, stage dramas, feature films, advocacy videos, documentaries for community development and engagement of youths in societal affairs are coming up with a project-a feature film STREET CHILD aimed at sensitizing on the need for more concern to street children by the general public and the government,promote education of the girl child,and encourage the socio-cultural values of Cameroon.This movie actually includes street children to play some roles .How ever we need to complete financing before begin executing. Guys in what ever way you can support us we will highly appreciate it. Our e-mail address is infolaliberte@yahoo.com.Tel:98018312,74079069.Thanks.

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