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Daniel P. Warren

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Consumerism and its social costs.
Jun 19, 2013

How do you change a country or the world, It must come from society itself!
After considerable thought and analysis I consider all the tools are in place to actually achieve a new era in the history of humanity.

Most Western Countries have a Duty of Care law built into their Political Frame work.

In Australia it is illegal to profit from crime.

In combination of these 2 fundamental laws lies the answer, I believe.

The Duty of Care Law/Act refers to the reality that we each have a responsibility to the other, to NOT knowingly cause harm or undue distress.

If we look at consumerism it excludes the realities of Duty of Care, toxic substance, dangerous goods, goods knowingly made and developed that result in damage to the bio-sphere.
In fact there is very little that is associated with consumerism that is beneficial to humanity!.

Is it not a truism that the future belongs to our youth. Consumerism is insuring that there is no future; it is time for consumerism to evolve, to accept its Duty of Care.

Governments are the tool of the people, but a tool is useless if it does not fulfil its purpose.
It is time to revamp the tools that we grant our subservience too.
With the advent of the internet, the PEOPLE can vote on any issue, “not a good idea, ok” but for the false sense some may have, “that we live in a democracy”.secretivesecretive
The internet allows supervision, testing, recording etc. and as goes for any employee, if they do not do the purpose/task they were hired for “Politicians”, fire them!
If these 2 laws are actionable in your country, “Duty of Care; Illegal to profit from crime”: think of the difference it would make if failure to comply with the Duty of Care law, “which in my mind consumerism definitely does" meant you also could not profit for the crime!nerdy

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