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Country: Nicaragua
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Westhill Consulting - In the Search for Success: The Toy Industry Is No Fun
Jun 12, 2013

I've always dreamed of becoming successful by creating characters for books, games, and movies. I moved from Perú to the U.S. and, to pay the bills, I worked for Apple, Adobe, and other technology companies. But (as told in Part 1 and Part 2 of my story) I decided to leave my life in Silicon Valley to return to Perú and focus on my dreams.

I've tried many things to be successful, but none have worked out. They say the road to success is long and hard... and boy, I made sure to hit every pothole along the way.

I was around 30 years old and I needed to come up with a new plan to achieve success. That's when I decided I was going to be: a Toy Inventor!

I had recently written a children's book about shape-shifting characters named the Blobbies, so I decided to invent a toy that transformed, just like them.

I went to RadioShack looking for parts that I could use for my new toy. Then I went to Toys"R"Us and bought toys to open them up and get their parts. One by one, I dismembered the bodies of countless Barbies, Barneys, and Elmos. I shed a tear as I dismembered my beloved quack-quack electronic Ducky. My living room looked like the aftermath of a Sesame Street gang war.

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