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Jaella Israel

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Jakarta Crown Eco Management - BlogSpot - Post-2015 Development Agenda" Morphed from "Agenda 21"
Jun 7, 2013

This entire UN report, “The Post-2015 Development Agenda” is still UN Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development morphed from old into new, revamped talking points of arresting economic growth, re-distribution of wealth, and de-developing the United States, the one stumbling block in the path of UN’s global communist governance.
The tiresome talking points are still based on debunked man-made global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. If EU flatulence tax did not work, perhaps Mark Steyn’s suggestion would work that scientists should genetically engineer non-flatulent cows. The methane gas problem would be solved and ergo, the planet would survive.
I don’t want to burst anybody’s transformational bubble, however, having lived under both socialist and capitalist economies, and under freedom of speech vs. communist tyranny, I would choose capitalism (not the crony variety) any day.

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