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Ashlee Ketchum

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One way to avert tragedy in SA’s energy sector
May 15, 2013

OF ALL Shakespeare’s meticulously crafted characters, King Lear is arguably the most complex — a man flawed by layers of rage juxtaposed by the burden of guilt. At his death in Act V, Shakespeare’s critics argue that the magnitude and beauty of this complicated man is not measured in a contrived, flowing obituary, but in the simplicity of swift death itself.

The name O’Flaherty may appear to be the only faint link between Celtic mysticism and Megawatt Park, the site of Eskom’s headquarters in Sandton. But long before the procurement processes at the Medupi coal-fired power station were revealed to a collective groan of public disbelief, weak leadership had characterised the national power utility, with successive CEOs persistently applying that odious Kumbaya-esque rhetoric to explain their excessive bonuses in a culture that was blatantly rewarding failure with the proceeds of destructive economic exercises.

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