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Robert Negoita

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Make Your Own Browser Plug-ins and Extensions withJustPlugIt
May 2, 2013

JustPlugIt is a system that allows users to build their own web browser extensions for a variety of uses or purposes. It enables those who lack technical know-how to create their own custom browsers extensions without the need to learn about coding or programming. It provides a quick and convenient platform for building browser add-ons, skipping the tedious task of working with codes, testing, and finalizing.

[b]Customize your plug-ins and browser extensions[/b][i]

Basically, JustPlugIt is a web service that develops browser extensions and apps based on the goals and details specified by a user. Those who want to make use of the service need to register or sign up for an account. Registration is an essential step since only registered users of the site can be able to communicate with the administrators to have their desired browser extensions and apps created. This is not a fully automated system wherein users simply work with a web-based user interface to automatically generate an extension or app. The system involves real human developers who also contribute inputs to the development. Nevertheless, everything can be promptly completed promptly and efficiently. JustPlugIt promises that the specified extension or application will be created and delivered within 24 hours after the initial stage of communicating and agreeing on the specifications is completed.

The output will be a cross-platform browser extension or app that comes in one neat .exe (executable) file. Some users may refer to this as an installer. The .exe file can be used to make installations on most browsers that run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Installing these .exe files is not similar to how it is done with most browsers or in the standard Android app installation process wherein extensions and apps are downloaded and installed almost simultaneously from their respective websites.Moreover, JustPlugItemploys a unified API to ensure simplicity and ease in creating and distributing browser extensions and applications.Additionally, the JustPlugItsystem facilitates the automatic updating of features and provides seamless embedding through an intuitive management console.

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Re: Make Your Own Browser Plug-ins and Extensions withJustPlugIt
Apr 28, 2016

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