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Business entrepreneurs, Market your Products
Apr 12, 2013


What: Social Success Plan 100 is the latest Social media package that will help SME's and onlineentrepreneurs to be successful in their marketing

Who: Target audience are Managers, Marketing supervisors, CEO, President, Sales manager, et al

When: You can blast it to your channels and accounts now

Where: twitter, facebook, linkedin, ayos dito etc

Why: This is needed by every businessmen so they can have market share and they will have inquiries, more leads, more traffic to their website and better searchability

How: We will put their website to 100 social media sites. The package is worth 10000 php . After they pay, the company will start to build their social media sites. We will take care of all the creation of their social media branding. The client's responsibility is to just send their logo , content, images, about their company and description of their products and services .

If you have questions about our SOCIAL SUCCESS PLAN 100 just email info@linkbuildaricles.com

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