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Ilyana Chua

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Submit to Panorama's Global Health issue!
Mar 28, 2013

April's Panorama issue will zone in on the issue of Global Health. World Health Day is on April 7th, and this year the World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on heart problems, particularly hypertension. You're welcome to submit articles on anything that relates to the topic of health; whether it is about rare diseases affecting isolated communities or the politics of healthcare. It's up to you!

Speaking on behalf of the Panorama team, we would love to receive submissions from TIG members. Plus, this is a great opportunity to get your work published on the web!

We publish the following types of writing:

Opinion: Voice your thoughts about current events and pressing global issues. Share your unique perspective through an opinion piece!
Interview: Who inspires you? Conduct an interview with someone who has done something that you think would inspire other TIG members as well!
Short Story: Visit the land of make-believe. Step in the lives of imaginary characters. Free your creative powers!
Poetry: For those who are in love with words. Where words are pushed to their breaking point and are transformed into pure emotion.

You can find the rest of the criteria here: https://www.tigweb.org/youth-media/panorama/criteria.html

And you can submit here: https://www.tigweb.org/youth-media/panorama/content.html

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