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Brien Moakley

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Giving Game
Dec 6, 2003

How the Giving Game Works

You need at least one Giving Game card to play. Cards can be printed for free from the web site or purchased. Once you have a card, it's time to get creative. Think about who you could do a kind act for and whether or not it's going to be done secretly or if they will know it was you.

Now, before doing the kind act, you will need to register your Giving Game card. Each game card has a unique ID number on it. This allows you to track the card, the kind acts and stories along the card's journey.

Once the person receives your kind act and the card, they too can think up a kind act to do for someone else. Then they register the same card as you did and tell their story. Then they do their kind act...and so on and so on...this is how your one kind act turns into many kind acts.

For more details, visit http://www.givinggame.com

The Giving Game was created in response to the events of 911. It is a positive expression of energy that is focused on expanding the spirit of giving and kindness in an effort to create stronger, healthier communities.

The game is a simple yet fun way to perform acts of kindness, either secretly or known, and to promote this same thoughtful giving among others through the advancement of a game card.

Through the web site, individuals and groups who participate in the Giving Game will be able to follow the cards they register or support, make journal entries and read existing and future entries associated with the card as it makes its journey from person to person.

Creating a record of interactions will help quantify and qualify the effects of kindness on individuals, groups, organizations, communities and the culture as a whole.

Play the Giving Game today and join the kindness movement!

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