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Youth Council on Sustainability
Dec 6, 2003

The Cape Youth Council on Sustainability, of which I am a member, has been working towards a sustainable future for Cape Cod.
So far, we have created an action plan, in which are sustainable suggestions that can be acted upon by individuals and communities.
Now we are working on several projects.
One is a proposed Peace Garden on an unused plot of land. All of the plants would be native to Massachusetts, the furtilizer would be environmentally friendly and the community could get involved in its creation. We hope to enact our idea in the spring.
Currently, we are working on collecting used tote bags. Once obtained, we are going to place our action plan in it and other information on sustainability. We are also including a list of companies who test their products on animals and place who are "allies" with Green hotels. The plan would be summarized into New Years Resolutions, so something productive can be done this coming year. We hope that the resolutions would entice people to actually start living somewhat sustainably.
Personally, I would like to balance our interest in the environment with that of the people living in it, but that is a topic for another update.

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