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GiGRUSH - The Global Revolution has Started!
Dec 2, 2012

“Because the people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs

Welcome Tiggers!!!

Today we introduce to you GiGRUSH.org

GiGRUSH.org (non profit) is a never before seen project, uniting every positive person and organization on the planet to create thousands of positive projects called 'GiGS' (GiG = Getting Ideas Going) in all areas of life.

Imagine This: Wikipedia is made from 300,000 people from around the world writing articles in their spare time - for free - to contribute to the betterment of the world. Now imagine if these 300,000 people were working not on articles, but on world-changing projects. This is the power of crowdsourcing! We are talking here about potentially thousands of projects that will bring about the dawn of a Better Future.

The GiGS all share the same ambitious goal of improving the world as we know it. Some big GiGS may include: new alternative banking systems, world hunger solutions, free unlimited energy, proactive political or social movements, etc. Some smaller GiGS may include: new social media, innovative apps, healthy food restaurant concepts, high-tech clothing lines, etc. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the members.

We are targeting the youth of the world because they are still blessed with the naivety to Dream Big and ‘Think Outside the Box’. It is no coincidence that Facebook, Apple and Google all started in university dorm rooms. We want to unleash this creativity on a global scale for loads of innovative humanitarian and world-changing projects!

GiGRUSh is recruiting creators and innovators, doers and thinkers to join, contribute, collaborate and create - and be proactive about a better future.

Share: The world has never been so easy to change for the better - with the help of a few clicks you can spread this message - and help amass the huge amounts of people we need to make this change happen. Visit www.gigrush.org/viral

To get you really excited we made you (and the world) a little video explaining the GiGRUSh magic...

To get involved - check the website, www.GiGRUSH.org
or email contactpoint@gigrush.org

Your “future amazing world” thanks you for spreading this message!

GiG Regards
The GiGRUSH Movement

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