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Katherine Li

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Re: How do you stay motivated?
Mar 29, 2013

Recently, I've stayed motivated by saying to myself that, if I make it to a certain event, I will be able to relax for "X" amount of time, be able to catch up on things that I haven't been able to complete earlier, be able to attend this or that event that is set for that day/time, or things like that.

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Re: How do you stay motivated?
Apr 4, 2013

Hi guys!

How do I stay motivated? Well, it's all about a principle I learned way back in college; how individual actions as mundane and as random the act may be, will still be able to affect the development of what we will soon refer to as history.

This simple principle let's me know, that even little by little, what I do, what we do actually matters and has actual objective effects. It's a nice principle to think of whenever I feel quite irrelevant sometimes (we all have these episodes I guess?).

Well, it's quite effective and I hope it'll help you guys as well.

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Country: Honduras
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Re: How do you stay motivated?
Apr 20, 2016

I'm working on a Wordpress Theme
It is pretty common to experience the feeling of just sit down and see how time flies, sometimes your body indeed needs that break , but if you have lots of work in queue , you must try and get everything done.
I personally have a lot of things to do, a Job, full-time student and many other extra things I do to improve myself, and that means I don't really have much time left to enjoy other things during the weekdays.
What I always try to do to keep myself focused is, elaborate a schedule with the things I need to get done, and get them done before Friday.
Always keeping in mind what is the purpose of this task, ex education,personal growth, economic benefits. It is always good to know why are you doing things, that keeps you running all the way.
As long as you want to finish things acknowledging the purpose of it, everything will be fine.
Also try to keep a "mind and physical balance". Reading and exercising will do the trick! The combination of both will make you feel ready to take on the daily challenges that life has to offer.

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Country: Burkina Faso
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Re: How do you stay motivated?
Jul 7, 2017

I also have the same problem with you.
I have planned many objectives but I cann't keep high motivation to follow the plan so I usually quit them
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Re: How do you stay motivated?
Sep 6, 2017


I went through many stages struggling with the same problem. From my experience, though, the best is to find time of the day when u focus the most - for me it's early morning before everyone wakes up. My brain works twice as fast during this time and I have much better focus.

Then, I consider very important to have some good outlet when u just not think about your tasks. I do a lot of writing, so the outlet for me is outdoor activity - hiking, riding a horse. When I do this, I sort of detox and then sleep better and focus better as well.

When I catch myself being caught in that fb browsing loop and not able to get myself to work, I just leave outside and do something else. When coming back in an hour, I feel like starting again from scratch - and sometimes even have very productive day, even though, it had a bit of a rugged start.

Hope this helps wink

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