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Greg Marsh

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One City One Wheelchair
Nov 26, 2012

Please join my TakingITGlobal project that is helping the disabled be a part of a Race in Ghana September 2013. The race is a series of community events intended to promote cultural exchanges, a youth conference on entrepreneurship and the support of creation of small businesses that help with jobs, education, food safety and much more.

We would like you to ask your city to donate one "Leveraged Freedom Wheelchair" costing about 250 dollars to the event and if possible to sponsor a team mate to come to Ghana and provide support and information on the city.

We also have over 40 GIS experts around the world donating their time to create a GIS map and Google Earth links of those involved.

I am new to this site so please excuse if I have not set up the group/project correctly. Please leave a note if you can not help - I have also posted another project to support the Ghana race that schools can get involved in.


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