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Paul Nyambe

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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 Message
Nov 15, 2012

From the Youth Entrepreneurs Network of Zambia (YENZ).

As we join the rest of the world in commemorating this year's Global Entrepreneurship Week starting today 12th to 18th November 2012, it is our desire to implore stakeholders around the world and Zambia especially, to individually and collectively put in a great deal of practical effort in the promotion and facilitation of sustainable youth enterprise development, so that we can all sustaibly benefit from the possibilities of entrepreneurship.

Yes, let us spread the word and spirit of entrepreneurship as this is truly what our current economic times dictate. But let us also ensure that we marry our evangelism of the practice of entrepreneurship with practical approaches aimed at enabling all that choose to be partakers of the possibilities of entrepreneurship to do so with their fullest potential for the benefit of our communities now and in the future.

As a matter of urgency, let us work to eliminate the barriers that technically put youth entrepreneurs out of the equation of entrepreneurship. The greatest barrier in practice is the lack of access to business financing opportunities. Youth entrepreneurs are in many ways technically deprived of the critical leverage of access to capital. And unfortunately, both the private sector and government financial service providers are not doing much to solve this challenge. This calls for boldness in government program planning and implementation and innovativeness among private sector financial service providers. Youth entrepreneurs are a critical component in the progressive continuity of the economic gains that have been achieved thus far.

Issues affecting youth entrepreneurs need urgent and practical solutions. "Get Real-Get Involved".

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