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Peace Building
Oct 16, 2012

Peace is a very important in human life. The Mennonite Central Committee(MCC) is working for Peace Building,(Peace Program,one of all programs.We made a' Relationship Training MCC's all staff,working with partner NGO's.I want suggestion from all how we can implement our peace program,what kind of activities we can do? What kind of training we will receive for our skill development and how,where from? We also delivering 'Conflict Transformation Trg.' for some arbitrators with partner org.

Please give yours ideas or any suggestion our working related.

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Re: Peace Building
Oct 25, 2012

What I bring in the following may probably help;

1- what are the roots of conflicts?
2- how may we increase tolerance?
3- how may we decrease the roots of conflicts?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

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Re: Peace Building
Jul 26, 2013

Peace building is difficult process to be implemented among the countries or nation who are mostly battling each other to show dominance over the others, under such circumstances retaining peace among the nation can be challenge, i believe some peace treaty should be negotiated as soon as possible along with disarmament is very important to save our future from nuclear warfare. Pls try to concentrate on these points for peace building process.

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