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Ashley Ciglar

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Gender & Age: Female & 28
Country: United States
Malaria Education in Bay Area
Aug 24, 2012

I am looking for an enthusiastic student or professional volunteer who is interested in spreading awareness about the effects of malaria and how eradication of malaria is a key step to fulfilling many UN Millennium Development Goals.

I have a box of buttons that say "Bay Area Against Malaria" to use for collecting donations.

Please post a response to decribe your interest in continuing this initial Faiths Act project.

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Joël Kalpram

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Country: Australia
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Re: Malaria Education in Bay Area
Apr 25, 2014

Hi Ashley,
I don't know if this is really late to respond but would like to say that. Have you tried getting through to people in the south pacific islands? I come from an island nation myself name Vanuatu but now live in Australia.
From 4 years ago, Malaria and Dengue Fever are still very high in the outer islands with people getting sick or die.

Let me know if you'll need to get through to someone there or that you've gone through with this project.



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