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Atuhaire Grace

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[Poll] A call for Correspondents
Jan 29, 2012

A call for Correspondents!

Early Life Radio, an online platform for young people to share and voice issues in their environment, would like to call for Correspondents from all parts of the World. I has been nominated as the leading in the Media and Society Category of Young Achievers Awards 2011 (Uganda)

Our Target is young people all over Africa, but correspondents from other parts of the world are welcome to be part of us. You writings will be an inspiration to us!

At Earlylife Radio “You don’t have to be a professional Journalist to be Part of us! What we need is someone with passion to be a Journalist, that way we guide you to being a citizen Journalist”.

We give you a platform to be part of the journalism world and get to meet with other journalists across the globe as you get to be read and inspire the world.

How can I join Earlylife Radio.
*Log unto www.earlyliferadio.com
*Click on the registration form and submit it to us!
You will then receive a message in your email requesting you to confirm your account!
*Click on it to be confirmed

After 24 hours of your registration, your account will be open and you will be able to submit your article, audio podcast and share it to the world!
*Note, If you would also like to host a program on Earlylife Radio, write to Grace Atuhaire at graceseb@gmail.com Subject: Hosting: Your Name!
Send a one page program proposal!

*Each months starting February 2012, We will be having online Trainings for basic skills in Journalism led by re-known personalities in the Journalism Field all over the world.

You will get to interact and exchange ideas with the best! So register on www.earlyliferadio.com and be an active author to be selected to be part of a free one month Journalism Training.
Earlylife Radio is an independent network hosted at the Pan African Movement Secretariat in Uganda. Its led and supported by a group of Journalists from Uganda and Kenya. It provides long distance mentoring plus training opportunities. It also provides a platform to venture into Journalism.

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