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Babu Gowtham

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Lottery Fraud !!!
Nov 24, 2003

Almost every one loves to win a lottery but if you receive a mail saying that you have won a huge prize money in a lottery you did not participate in, beware ! It may be an attempt to lure you into parting with some money. From being a winner you may turn out to be a loser.

An organised group is operating purportedly from Gold Coast in Australia in the name and style of WORLDWIDE WINNERS SEARCH CENTRE. Their modus operandus is to send postal letters to a number of people declaring the addressee to be a winner of lottery prize upto AUD $2,300,000.00. They further demand US $19 for enabling the winners to receive the aforesaid amount. A number of people in India have received these solicitations
Be careful if you receive any such mail.

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