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Re: Climate Change impatcs
Dec 17, 2014

katie0889 wrote:

There are many negative factors that contribute to the climate change and especially its effects on health. The release of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in the last 50 years is connected to the increase of infectious diseases and moralities (WHO, 2014). The consistent change in the earth's climate is directly influencing poor health on humans due to the extremes of weather like flooding, heavy rain and other natural disasters; these disasters are causing a number of deaths because individuals just cannot survive these conditions. It is also causing the transmission of contaminants in our water and food that is affecting human health poorly with infectious diseases that are debilitating and deadly (WHO, 2012).

Thanks for your post.
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rj hilario

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Re: Climate Change impatcs
Jan 29, 2015

There are a lot of factors and variable that could affect climate change.

I believe climate does change over a stretch of time but right now it just happens suddenly and abruptly due to human activities. Some evident situations are abnormal weather patterns and disturbances that haven't occurred until recently.

What we probably need to do is to allow the planet to heal itself by giving it more breathing room.

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