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Eddy Nicholas Orinda

Joined: Mar 1, 2002
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Gender & Age: Male & 43
Country: Ukraine
Province/State: Odes'ka Oblast'
City: Odessa
Nov 18, 2003

Training course for youth on “Peace issues in youth initiatives” and Peer Education training for youth leaders as facilitated by NCCK and UNICEF (April 1998 and September 1998)

 Advocacy and Lobbying
 Reproductive Health
 HIV/AIDS management
 Drugs and substance abuse
 Counseling skills
 Communication skills
 Leadership
 Gender
 Sara initiative life skills

Training course on civic education as facilitated by Youth Agenda (YAA) in November 1997

 Leadership and elections
 Voter Education
 Role of the youth in electoral process
 The constitution education
 Electoral law
 Actors and institutions in the electoral process
 Role of youth in the policy the process

Training on the role of youths in constitutional reform process as facilitated by Institute of Education in Democracy (IED) – KISUMU (Action-Aid DTC) 27th October – 30th October 1999
 Kenyan Constitution
 Historical background of the Kenyan constitution
 Basic elements of a constitution
 The need for constitutional review
 Governance and constitution making
 Lobbying and advocacy
 Elements of advocacy

Training course on Community Leadership and Development as facilitated by the Youth Agenda, Nairobi – KCB Training Institute, Karen, 4th – 7th May 2000
 Youth and civic duties
 Leadership
 Leadership, Development and Community concretization
 Governance and democracy
 Personal empowerment
 Organizational development
 Networking
 Conflict management
 Legal framework
 Inter Generational Dialogue (IGD)
 Gender and Development

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Raymond M. Kristiansen

Joined: Mar 1, 2002
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Gender & Age: Male, 44
Country: Denmark
Province/State: Roskilde
City: Roskilde
Nov 19, 2003

please, Eorinda...

is it possible for you to write all these self-promoting things in your update instead of this board? I do not know if you understand the system/netiquette here, but posting all the messages that you have done these last days comes close to being "spam" wink

take care and have fun!

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