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Eddy Nicholas Orinda

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Statement of Suitability
Nov 18, 2003

Eddy Nicholas O. Orinda, Student – Washington State University (WSU)

Ref: Statement of Suitability.

This statement is an expression of my professional capacity. It is basically threefold and outlines aspects of my involvement in social change and development circles. Further information on the same is available on my CV.

a) Experience.

I have vast experience and knowledge with respect to social change and sustainable development on issues regarding youth training and development, policy research, youth mobilization and development, youth and international relations as well as youth empowerment and participation. My passion to work with the youth in the past five years in this regard has been guided by my responsibility to make a difference in the lives of the youth throughout the world.
I have held various positions within this framework and worked with both national and international organizations whose interests have primarily been young people’s livelihood.

Some of these organizations include; CARE International in Kenya, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Kenya, Social Development Network (SODNET), African Youth Parliament (AYP2002), Youth Employment Summit (YES2002) among others. I have also interacted with youth of the world through frameworks and in cooperation with other organizations, events and networks, some of which I have personally organized as outlined below.

b) Events and activities organized.

Currently, I am the focal point for the African participants to the global dialogue 10 recently concluded in Hanover, Germany. My responsibilities include establishing networks within Africa that would provide an opportunity for young people to discuss and develop consensus on modalities of contribution to society at various levels and also to identify and promote areas and opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnerships for young people’s social and economic development.

I have helped organize a secretariat meeting of the African Youth Parliament in which I am a member held in Nairobi, Kenya between the 20th of August and 6th of September 2001.

I have also helped organize an African youth conference in May 2001 supported by the gtz and the government of Kenya. In this regard, my involvement was in the capacity of a consultant. The purpose was to strengthen the many existing but isolated attempts to empower youth as agents for sustainable and peaceful development. (Details available on my CV)

I also worked at the AYP 2003 as the logistics coordinator. The African Youth Parliament is a continental network of you African peace builders and social activists working towards an equitable, peaceful and sustainable Africa.

Next year, I am organizing the International Young Professionals Summit (IYPS 2003).

c) Leadership.

I have held various positions in the past five years working with the youth both at national and international levels. These have given me a wealth of experience enough to manage and coordinate the events position in which I am very much interested. Details of my positions and assignments outlined on my CV).

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