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Eddy Nicholas Orinda

Joined: Mar 1, 2002
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Gender & Age: Male & 43
Country: Ukraine
Province/State: Odes'ka Oblast'
City: Odessa
About My Brother
Nov 18, 2003

Onesmus Mboya Orinda – Profile

I am a 21 year old intending to/aspiring student of University of Central England in Birmingham. Born and brought up in Kisumu I went through primary and Secondary education Kibuye Mixed and Kisumu Boys High School respectively.

Through out my high school education I undertook an enthusiastic co-academic curriculum involvement in which I remarkably excelled especially in the field of Poetry, Drama and Performing Arts.

I have been recorded as best actor merit awards at District and Provincial levels between the years 1998 – 2001 and climaxed with a national award as best actor and poet nationally in the schools and colleges drama festivals 2001.

My talents/physical abilities/strengths vary from Drama and Performing Arts, Poetry, Play writng and Music to Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting, Design and Decoration, leadership. Counselling and Organizational skills.

I have expressed my skills and talents in commercial and non-profit forums.

I have successfully accomplished short term trainings and up to date experience in Christian counseling, Ministry and Child training.

I am currently a youth leader, children’s church teacher and a member of Kisumu Pentecostal Church.

My other major involvement is a Gospel CD album project on which I am producing.

I would like to further my education and develop myself and skills to be able to have even more useful influences. I would then like to register with an institution of higher learning and study Fine Arts, Fashion Design and Perfoming Arts.

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