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Achyut Raj Pandey

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Reality and perception
Apr 26, 2011

Once a professor of epidemiology entered a class room for lecture on Alcohol and health impacts. He thought of experimenting in front of student. He took a glass full of alcohol and another glass full of water. He dropped an insect in glass of water. It flapped its wings for a while , got out of it and escaped easily. He took another similar insect and dropped in glass of alcohol. Similar to previous insect it flapped its wings for a while but within few seconds it turned inert. In fact it died within 30 seconds and got dissolved in Alcohol.
Professor turned out to the students and asked, "What conclusion did you draw from this experiment ?"
A student stood up and replied, "Alcohol is life threatening , as it killed insect within few seconds it can do serious harm to human health on regular consumption."
"Anyone else, do you want to shear something ?" Professor asked again.
Next student stood up, "Alcohol has capacity to kill organisms, but water does not have that quality. Alcohol can definitely kill microorganism in our stomach and make us health. But water cant do that, so one glass of alcohol is better that a glass of water. ow I am determined that everyday after i wake i will drink a glass of alcohol instead of water."
After observing the same experiment student drew up contrasting conclusion. one student drew up conclusion that alcohol is injurious to health but other thought that it was salubrious.

There might not be an absolute reality in any situation. Individuals perception largely depend on individuals perception.

What do you people think ????

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Re: Reality and perception
Dec 27, 2011

Perception is relative while reality is absolute. Or at least how I see it.

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Re: Reality and perception
Feb 21, 2012

Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of the environment by organizing and interpreting sensory information while reality is what is happening.

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