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5 objects,10 personalities Ranked as Global Thematics of the Decade 2001-2010.
Feb 15, 2011

5 Objects declared as 'Global Thematic Objects'of the Decade 2001-2010.

A Thematic Merit Verdict, which is an outcome of a multifold ‘Assessment and Ranking Tapestry’ has deliberately divulged 5 important objects as the significant most objects of the decade, along with 10 persona- entities as the ‘Global Thematic Merit Icons of Decade’.
According to the verdict’s investiture
1- United Nations MDGs deed-endeavor has been acknowledged as the ‘progressive most--decreed upon Thematic Libretto of The Decade’ that has gained noticeable ovations, by the means stipulations of strategic and planning curricula manifestation indexes.
2- The legal case petition filed before Audencia Nacional in Spain, on 06/10/2009,under the universal jurisdictions, has been ranked as the highest-marked Thematic Legal Petition of The Decade, that addressed colossally unprecedented key issues, regarding the commissioning, condoning and perpetuating multiple war crimes against humanity, including the massive use of ‘Depleted Uranium’ that led to millions of excess deaths, the indiscriminatedly purposive use of internationally prohibited weapons, such as ‘White Phosphorus’, the ‘genocide’ and the use and employment of unhumanistic means of warfare like exercising the rape as an exploit-weapon of warfare in Iraq. Inevitably, the case petition, in it’s archives of evidence, catalogued and substantiated the perspectives of-- within the confines of-- the overwhelming bulks of extra-judicial executions during the war.
3- The ‘UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ has been accepted as the most applaudable Humanistic and Judicious Thematic Convention of The Decade--- the historic land-mark document that has received an unparalleled accord and unanimity of consensus, unmatchable to numerous other documental testaments of recent history.
4- Stephens Soldz’s talk on ‘Psychology and Coercive Interrogations In Historical Perspective--Aid and Comfort for Torturers’ delivered on 17/3/2007, at Psychoanalytic Institute of North California (PINC),has been graded as the highest apt-right affirmative Humanistic Testimony of The Decade, by any measure. For, the meant-note within, and the toweringly significant strengths in the content-cores of,-- the talk has been judiciously marked as The Meritoriously Considerated Upright Thematic Talk of The Decade.
5- Aurangzeb Hafi’s investigative inquiry into almost all-farious orbs of multisubject milieus, ‘The Sea of Mirage in Eyes of The Water’, mainly written in Urdu and partially translated in English, French, Sinhala and Persian,has been hailed in to the decade's scholarly classics. Due to the uniqueness of of philosophical articulation in a classically argumentative and scholastic manner, the hecto-embracing analytical testament of the arena issues, that unfolds the 'deliberated contextualized falsifications' in a reciprocal ironic way, has been marked as Analytico-critical Literary Thematic Testament of The Decade

The press release in its entirety is available on

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