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Julia Dave

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How to Play Kids' Dress-Up Games
Jan 7, 2011

Kids' dress-up games are a fun and creative way to spend time with your children. Kids love to pretend, and dressing up is an easy way to inspire creativity. It's also relatively cheap and can be done using things you can find around your house. So grab your kids, and your creativity, and start dressing up for a fun time of make-believe.
Types of Games
1. Dress up your child like her favorite animal. Kids can really get creative by dressing up as animals using things found around the house. If your child wants to be a cat, cut out a pair of ears from a sheet of construction paper, then use a safety pin to attach a piece of yarn onto your child's clothing for a tail. To transform your little one into a puppy dog, take two pairs of socks and safety pin them to either side of a baseball or stocking cap for a pair of floppy ears.
2. Dress your child up as his favorite caped crusader. Dressing up like a favorite hero, or even a hero they create, can make children feel out of this world. Try making a cape out of old bed sheets or a table cloth. You can even use old sheets or fabric to cut out a mask to help your kid really get into his secret identity.
3. Turn your daughter into a pretty princess for a day. For a magic wand, cut out two star-shaped pieces of construction paper and glue them together over the end of a stick. For the princess dress, use an old Halloween costume or dress from your closet. Top off the outfit using old costume jewelry. Fashion a crown out of yellow construction paper.
4. Let your kids be Mom and Dad. Dig up old clothes that you don't wear anymore and let your kids have fun trying to be just like you. You may even get some insight as to how your child views you. While your shirts, skirts, ties and shoes may be a bit too large for them, they won't mind, and they'll have fun getting to be Mommy or Daddy for a while.
5. Use makeup to add some more fun. It's best to purchase a children's makeup kit, which is gentle on the skin, non-toxic and usually won't leave stains.

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Re: How to Play Kids' Dress-Up Games
Dec 28, 2011

Thanks! This gave me an idea. I'm playing dress up with my nieces tomorrow!

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