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Jennifer Cottes

Joined: Jan 14, 2002
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Palm pilots, laptops, cellphones, OH, MY!!
Jan 25, 2002

http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/tech/article.jsp?id=22614700&sub=GadgetsandIn ventions

In New Scientist Magazine, an article entitled “Your Everything” describes the future of cell-phones. Soon, if not already, cell-phones will do everything your desk-top computer can do. It suggests people will stop carrying bulky laptops, and even soon to be ‘less convenient’ palm pilots! “On your mobile you'll be able to watch colour video, download CD-quality music from your collection at home, buy a plane ticket, send e-mail, browse the Web, use positioning services-and make old-fashioned phone calls, too.” Technology is changes so fast, how do we keep up? Will families start gathering around their cell-phones to watch Walt-Disney classics? OR….hmmmm….Futurama?

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Alice Z

Joined: Oct 9, 2001
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good point!
Jan 27, 2002

and what about the fact that society is becoming increasingly complacent *due* to these inventions!
Complacent, and increasingly content to be alone.

soon, families won't be watching walt disney on cell phones, they'll be struggling to get a hold of each other- or tear their kin away from computer chat rooms to have a family tv dinner.

maybe scinetists should stop focussing on improving mobile telephone add-ons, and start working on ways to reduce radiation emmission. Or better still- work on creating cures for diseases that they've been ignoring for the past decade... because there's more money in gadgets and toys.

This is where the social responsibility of scientist ties in, and where i stop my reply before it goes off on a tangent.

BUT just a question- what *is* the social responsibility of scientist in your opinions?


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Robert Margolis

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Big Question
Jan 29, 2002

Alice -

That is one of THE big questions. Should scientists and engineers NOT pursue either a discovery or invention because of how it may be mis-applied?

The ideal would be the technical community working with the public to see what are the best research avenues to pursue. I think it will be easier to design a process for ethical understanding and consideration, rather than some hard rulebook that will always give us the best inventions while preventing misuse.

As an aside, radiation (all types) effects on humans is one of the best understood areas of research. Would you believe that coal burning is a relatively large human-made source of radiation? When we burn coal it releases various natural elements such as radium, thorium, and uranium.

Somehow, we don't mind coal plants putting out radiation, however cell phone radiation causes more concern. Neither is probably a big public health problem, but the public reacts differently depending upon their expectations for the given technology.

Now I'll go away having gone off on my own tangent. ;-)

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