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Country: Nigeria
Province/State: Lagos
City: Lagos
Nov 11, 2003


As part of All Nigeria United Nations Students’ & Youth Association (ANUNSA) preparation towards the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), a national seminar entitled “Perspectives on Internet Media and South Youth” was held on Saturday 11th October 2003 at Money Market Association of Nigeria, Plot 1398B Tiamiyu Savage Street opposite Multi-choice Apese Bus stop Victoria Island Lagos. The seminar was a part of ANUNSA preparation for the International Youth Dialogue to be organized by the International Youth and Students’ Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN) during the summit.

The introduction of the guests was anchored by Anunsite Akinola Fatoyinbo, ANUNSA Western Zone Coordinator. The chairman of the occasion, Barrister Lawrence Juwah, was called into the high table, followed by one of the Guest Speakers Mr. Nosa Osazuwa, National Information Officer, United Nations Information Centre and the ANUNSA National Executive President, Anunsite Nnenna Ukoha. Mrs. Felicia Ikolo delivered the last lecture.

The aim of the seminar was to encourage the interest of young people in the activities of the United Nations and address Internet Media as a tool for achieving economic and social goals; and has, among others, its objectives to:

1. Explore ways on the better use of the Internet media by the youth and can improve information society through Internet media,

2. Bridge the gap between the usage of Internet media and youth education,

3. Documents the impact of Internet media on the south youth,

4. Fashion out ways on how South Youth can benefit from Internet media as a means of communication,

5. Explore the role of Internet media & south youth involvement in democracy,

6. Understand the relationships among information and communication technologies (ICTs),

7. Find ways on how to provide easy & affordable means of Internet connection for the south youth

8. Share information about the benefits and possible impact of the world Summit on the information society on the south youth.

However, identifying the importance of information technology in the 21st century and the need to ensure active participation of the south youth; ANUNSA National Secretariat put together a one day seminar to address the Internet media as a tool for achieving economic and social goals.

Resolution reached by all the participants is highlighted below:

The south youth were charged to make use of the information and communication technology for development.
Human rights violation, poverty and diseases were identified as issues for the underdevelopment of internet media in Nigeria and other southern countries.
The introduction of United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) was also recognized as a means of spreading new technology in the south.
The south should be given the opportunity to change the information society by providing the enabling environment and resources.
South youth should be provided with internet connection that is easy and affordable.
South Youth can improve their knowledge and outreach through internet media, if readily available.
The use of Information Technology (IT), by the south youth, will provide
Attainment of academic excellence.
Aids the research process
It encourages intellectual development and personal development
Aids teaching & learning process
It brings about cooperation between the developing and developed countries.
It facilitate a knowledgeable environment
The seminar took place at a crucial period when suddenly it was realized that the youth have to be involved in decision-making that can change their future plans. World of today is being dominated by our elders, in decision-making for the issues that supposed to be decide by the youth themselves. ANUNSA took the bold step today to involve the youth in decision–making process. Our hope is that, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will focus on the greatest untapped resources in developing countries, like Nigeria.

The internet media can change the way we live in the world, it has change the way we reason, and our society will be improve if the government of this world, especially the developing countries take youth along with them to improve the society and the youth education. Government should provide an easy access to the internet connection for the youth so as to improve their education and knowledge.

Youth are in forefront of today’s technology and the resources are not being tapped by our government and these talents are allowed to be wasted. As a Youth, internet media can improve our society in such a way the youth can interact and gather ideals for the betterment of the economy, social, education, political. The South Youth can make good out of the internet media if given the chance, resources, and opportunities to be the major decision maker of the our present and future.

We hope the government will improve our information society in a way the life and future of the youth and world will be improve and will be a better place to be.

Thanks and stay blessed

Mutiu Okediran

National Secretary General


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Country: Nigeria
Province/State: Oyo
City: Ibadan
ANUNSA Communique: Impotance
Dec 13, 2003

The ANUNSA National Seminar Communique is indeed prove that youths are willing to be active in all spheres of life using Information Technology.

The Communique should be read by all interested in the activites of youths and ICT and relevant contributions should also be made.

The National Seminar was in preparation of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS)with regards on how youths of the south-south can spear-head a change in thier countries using ICT.

I want to use this opportunity to call on south-south youths, to come together and form organisations and to also call on south youth organisations to also organise activites and events relating to ICT

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