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Robert Margolis

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Apr 2, 2001

I have been reading recently of the work on the "quantum computer." It has made me think of the times when I wondered why "great projects" of the future such as: fusion reactors, space colonies, or undersea cities never materialized. I find it ironic that instead the great technologies that are emerging are the nanotechnologies. Hopefully, they will bring us greater understanding of our world and allow for a betterment of the human condition.

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Re: Nanotechnology
Apr 11, 2001

I have recently had to hand in an assignment on the future of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics for a course. Doing this has brought up several issues which I wouldn't have thought of, namely, the dangers of the above.

Although, there are amazing benefits with the coming technology, one must be aware of the concerns that come with it. The intention of all this technology is for faster, smaller, more efficient machines to make our lives easier. However, is it really making our lives easier? When do we know that we have fallen slave to our own creations? These may be the greatest invention of all time but what if these ideas fall into the wrong hands so that it is instead used for destructive purposes? I'd like to hear people's comments on this.

Another issue is that has the market been producing over the customer's needs so that now, the market is growing not for the benefit of the society but because of the economic push? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the markets have come down so hard recently. Most of it has been based on speculation and forecasts, no hard facts.

Food for thought.

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